Do you like these ideas? Any suggestions to make them even better?

Comment below this post, come along to our next meeting at the Children’s Centre on the 21st or speak to us outside the shops on the 24th from 3pm .

1. An Art Trail

Artwork at different locations around Malden Manor with an interactive game to encourage families and residents to explore the area and find the artwork. This artwork could be designed with the community.

2. Signage designed by the community to slow speeds.

Signs reminding drivers of the speed limit along Sheephouse Way/ around Malden Manor. The signs would be attractive to look at and designed with the community.

3. Play on the Way

Games would be temporarily placed or painted on the pavement/grass around Malden Manor for children to enjoy. They could include Hopscotch, a maze and Twister – though we’re open to suggestions!

4. Benches at bus stop locations

Temporary seating placed at locations where people wait for the bus in Malden Manor – for example at the main roundabout and on the mini roundabout with Sheephouse Way/South Lane. This would make it more comfortable for residents such as elderly people to wait more comfortably.

We also need to decide where the trial should take place! Hear are some ideas from our recent walkabout: