171006 Hogsmill walkabout

We had a lovely walk in the Autumn sunshine on Friday, round the Hogsmill discussing:

  • what we love about it
  • sharing our knowledge of it
  • how it could be developed so that more people can enjoy it

Detailed notes below ⇓⇓⇓

Join us for our next meeting on Friday 20th October 1.30-3pm (local venue TBC – look back here for updates) where we will:

  1. start prioritising these issues, using a big map
  2. make a plan for engaging the wider community over the coming months
  3. start planning for our second Christmas event at the parade of shops – after the success of last year!


Here are the main themes which came up:

  • Like the wildlife, countryside feel
  • Teenagers have nowhere to go round here – BMX/ skateboard/ pump track
  •  good to ensure that any pump track is overlooked in some way
  • Educational signs to highlight wildlife or endangered species
  • Woodland Trust and Lower Mole Project – Local volunteers built a path with the help of the above, 300metres for £5k – seems cheap! Thanks to all involved
  • the long grassy bit in the middle section behind the school – wildflower meadow
  • Can’t see river, too many brambles, would like to cut spaces so it can be seen – create a vista!
  • Need more dog bins
  • Picnic area!
  • Need to help get people out of their houses by providing some facilities in this area
  • Help kids to be able to use the space – need a flat space to play Frisbee or kick a ball around
  • a cycling track all around the area
  • The park equipment needs upgrading
  • scooter tracks, multi-purpose court with astro turf, table tennis, investment in parks e.g. Joseph Hood Park
  • Logs and ropes – outdoor play equipment
  • get some wood donated, local people can help make the play stuff? (check these people out http://www.buildup.org.uk/)
  • Environment Trust, Id Verde could help with tools and other resources


At bridge over Hogsmill (sheephouse way side)

  • Welcome feature from the bridge into the wooded bit? Trees/ grassy bit, nice planters etc?

6 acre meadow

  • Bridge at the far end is not very safe
  • More benches
  • Safer access to the river, banks are steep
  • Signs by the sheephouse way bridge highlighting features of the area
  • Wetland area to be made more accessible – the wooden boardwalk is rotten and broken/ H&S issue
  • encourage more biodiversity


Wider links

How about a green link along Sheephouse Way, linking Manor Park with the Hogsmill?

Crossing at Malden Road to Manor Park needs attention, local parents don’t want to let their children cross there