On Friday 12th January, the residents of the Malden Manor community group attended a 3 hour self-evaluation workshop at Kingston environment centre, with the following aims:

  • reflect on their achievements so far
  • consider changes they want to make going forward
  • consider how they will know if they are successful


7 wonderful community activists came, plus one littl’un who played lego in the corner!


They discussed the following things they want to see in Malden Manor, do you agree?

Social changes:

  • Improved social connections locally.
  • Increasing community activity and involvement.
  • More for children and young people to do locally, closer to home.
  • More space and opportunity for recreation and socialising.
  • Improved seating in the local area.
  • Improved community safety and freedom.
  • The feel of a community, making the area more like a village (like Albert Square in EastEnders).

Environmental changes:

  • Improved natural environment for both wildlife and for the community to appreciate and use/not abuse.
  • More inviting green spaces.
  • More enjoyment of local environment.
  • More community awareness of local environment.
  • More wildlife friendly green spaces.
  • More people walking and cycling.
  • Quieter roads and reduced parking, carbon emissions, pollution and traffic.


Lucy (project coordinator) gave an impromptu interview on Kingston Green Radio about it afterwards, putting Malden Manor on the map…..