Outside photo with people inside 2
The Malden Manor Community Hub (2019)

The Malden Manor Community Group have been working hard to get the Hub ready for action! If you have not seen it, The Hub is in the old kiosk space at Malden Manor Station – look out for the rainbow logo design! The indoor space is now decorated, has furniture and we are able to hold regular meetings there. It has been a brilliant few months watching people’s hard work and planning come together and shape the old kiosk into a working community space.

The Malden Manor station kiosk (The Community Hub) back in 2018! 

The vision for the Hub was to provide an adaptable indoor community centre for the Malden Manor area so people are able to meet, run activities, workshops, deliver charitable work etc. Now it is functioning we are looking for people, groups and organisations that would like to use the space to run workshops, activities, drop-in services for the local community. These can be one off events or more regular activities.

Do you have a skill you could share?

Need a space to run a lesson or workshop?

Or have any ideas about what you would like the space to be used for?

If so, we would love to hear from you! If you see The Hub open, please drop in and say hello or send us an email to annie.miller@sustrans.org.uk