Malden Manor Community Group

Residents of Malden Manor working together to improve their neighbourhood and benefit the community

About Local People Malden Manor

This project started in August 2016, and spans 2.5 years until February 2019.

170503 street kit training


Local residents and business owners in Malden Manor are working with Sustrans (Funded by the People’s Health Trust)  to think about, design and trial ideas that make the local streets more safe, comfortable and interesting to spend time in.

We hope that once the project is finished:

    1.  it will be easier for more people to walk and cycle in the area
    2.  a stronger community — people will feel more connected to each other and their area

What are we doing exactly?

Local residents have been working with Sustrans to:

      1. identify issues and barriers to safe, comfortable, healthy streets
      2. identify barriers to a stronger, more connected community
      3. design and trial solutions

Over the past year, the Malden Manor community group has formed and delivered:

    • 1 x successful seating trial +plants and games (permanent benches coming soon!)
    • 2 x amazing Christmas events
    • 2 x fabulous community clean ups collecting well over 50 bags of rubbish – in partnership with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
    • 4 x popular outdoor events in the Hogsmill Green Space, with well over 200 people in attendance!

Who is the project for?

It’s for everyone who lives and works in this area! We love to welcome new people and believe that a diversity of perspectives makes for a better community.

From children and parents on their way to school, to elderly residents visiting the shops, young people, people with pushchairs, people with disabilities, people of all faiths and none, people on bikes, people walking, people scooting…. all welcome.

Who are Sustrans?

We are a national charity working on a local level.

We work with people to encourage walking, cycling and safer, more connected streets.

Previously Sustrans has worked with communities to develop practical ideas including new road crossings, public artwork and pop-up parks.

We’ll be using Lucy Saunders’ Street Check to guide our thinking and designs:


Project Timeline

  1. Discover: August 2016-February 2017
  • Fun events in Malden Manor. Residents should look out for invitations through the door, posters in the neighbourhood and publicity on social media.
  • Meet the Sustrans project coordinators Maia and Lucy and share your ideas for the area.
  1. Design: March 2017-July 2017
  • Regular meetings and design workshops to identify ways to make the streets in Malden Manor safer and more comfortable to spend time. No previous experience necessary!
  • First trial to take place in April – watch this space or contact Maia to get involved
  • Local people decide how to spend small pots of funding that Sustrans will make available to trial the ideas.
  1. Trial: Summer 2017-Autumn 2018
  • Trial the most popular and creative ideas for the streets around Malden Manor.
  • Gather feedback on the trials.

4. Construction and Legacy: Autumn 2018- February 2019

  • Find funding to make the most popular trials permanent and start construction process in partnership with Kingston Council
  • Build legacy in the community, working to ensure that activity can continue without Sustrans involvement

The Sustrans Local People project is funded by the People’s Health Trust.